Coming Soon - FFWD 1K Disc Wheel!

Coming Soon - FFWD 1K Disc Wheel!

FFWD Wheels introduces super light disc wheel for track and triathlon with 1K carbon layers!

FFWD Wheels offer a broad range of carbon wheels for different categories, whether it be for road, track or triathlon, they have numerous high-end wheel offerings.

On the track and in triathlon their disc has been a very much loved and appreciated wheel by riders for many years. Now applying 1k carbon layers (instead of 3k carbon) in the production of the new FFWD DISC, the new offering has resulted in the production of a spectacular, light disc wheel that weighs only 980 grams!

With the incredible low weight, while maintaining stiffness, this wheel will offer the best performance on the track or in triathlon and time trials.

DISC Tubular - 980g (full product details)

DISC FCC - 1350g (full product details)

DISC-T SL - 1030g (full product details)

Stay tuned for the arrival of this amazing new wheel over the coming weeks!




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