Wilderness Trail Bikes - Ride with passion!

Wilderness Trail Bikes - Ride with passion!

We all want the best. Nothing puts a smile on your face like riding high-performance gear as you push yourself to the limit. Sweat furiously dripping off us, we make those tricky corners and charge right past the competition with confidence.

You will finally be able to ride with passion, confident in the durability and reliability that comes with WTB (Wilderness Trail Bike) gear. Founded in Marin County California in 1982, WTB has been around since the early days of mountain biking. Today their passion continues to drive them to push the envelop of what is possible.

We are very please to be able to bring some of WTB's great products to you in our store.

Their passion for cycling is what will fuel your passion. Do yourself a favour and buy one our sweet range of WTB tyres today!



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