Saving a buck or two

Saving a buck or two

You wouldn't believe it but bike riding puts money in my pocket each and every single week.

Because I ride my bike to work each day, it saves me a small fortune in petrol each week. Not only that, but when you start factoring in wear and tear on the car it really starts to add up to some significant figures!

On top of that, when you look at the long term cost of poor health, the increased fitness I can easily see bike riding saving me tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses over the years.

Finally, there is the mental health benefits as well. There is no price that can be placed on the joy and bliss one experiences each ride. Over time, this helps me to work hard each day and continue to earn money to support my family.

By my estimation, the amount of money my bike saves me each week, far exceeds the cost of the bike essence, my bike pays for itself and I think that is awesome!

You should give it a try too. What sort of financial benefits have you seen as you have taken up cycling?


This post is part of a series on what I love about cycling

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