Riding faster and further

Riding faster and further

The goal that I have set myself for this year is to be able to ride all the way to work (33km) and all the way home again (another 33km)...and if I am able to achieve that to be able to do it at least twice a week.

So far I have been making good progress! I have been riding to the train station each morning and then riding all the way home in the evening. I have been able to do this at least 3 days in a row before I need to give myself a break.

Each week I have been pushing my self to ride faster and further than ever so that I can make an attempt at riding 66km in one hit.

However, knowing me, once I reach that milestone it won't be enough! One of these days I'm going to reach 100km...but for now I'll just settle for 66km!


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