Going anywhere that I want

Going anywhere that I want

One thing that I love about being able to go for a ride on my bike is being able to go anywhere that I please.

In a car we are a little more constrained on where we can go than when we travel by bike.

As long as we have food in our belly, we don't need to worry about running out of petrol and we can travel as far and wide as we want.

Sometimes I like to ride through the suburbs and travel down each and every street. I'll explore each any every side road just to see where it goes.

As I travel along, I love seeing the views of the mountains and grassy fields as well as the different styles of people's houses. And, if I'm lucky, I love to see the cows, horses, and sheep in the field as I ride on by. It feels great to not be constrained by barbed wire fencing!

I love the freedom that I feel when I get out there and explore my surroundings on my bike. On a car we often just want to get from point A to point B...but on a bike we can stop to smell the roses!

Do you enjoy the freedom that cycling brings you? I know I do!


This post is part of a series on what I love about cycling

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