Follow the hive mind for the win!

Follow the hive mind for the win!

Started in 2001 by riders for riders, e*thirteen by the hive have produced an incredible set of mountain bike components. Equipped with e*thirteen's high performance down hill wheels many of the world's top riders have been using them to win world championships. The team at the Hive love mountain biking and work hard to develop beautiful products that are engineered to perform when you need it most.

Our store features a number of their most sought after products that you can buy today. We ship from New South Wales so that you can get out on the trail sooner!

We carry their LG1+ and TRS+ wheels along with a great range of hubs, cassettes and tyres.

Here is how you can get started:

First buy a pair of LG1+ front and LG1+ rear wheels.

These wheels will have you flying downhill!

Next equip your wheels with these awesome e*thirteen tyres and you'll be all sorted and ready to get to the bottom! 


Happy riding! You won't be sorry you followed the Hive mind!



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